Walking towards one's healed self

thanks to reflexology & mindfulness meditation.

How can I enhance your well-being?​

You suffer from structural exhaustion?

I collect what overflows by listening to what you need to let go of. I contain your vitality in order for you to regain energy.


You have the intuition it's time to make your lines move?

I support you in turning your vision into a reality, overcoming the risks inherent to the projection of a potential.


You feel uprooted by your expat life?

We work on your physical and mental balance in order to strengthen your roots for a more stable daily life.


You are experiencing heavy stress?

We welcome your emotions so you become aware of what weighs you down and lighten the burden you feel.


How can I enhance your well-being?

You dream of getting rid of old wounds?

I help you to let go and get rid of what must overflow and leave you for good.


You live with chronic pain?

I help you decrease the intensity of your physical or mental pain and the associated ill-being, in order for you to better live with your condition.


You aspire to a lighter life?

We open together the safe of your emotions towards a more serene happiness.


You want to strengthen your self-esteem?

We scan the path ahead of you so you can see with more clarity and confidence, while deepening your roots.


The mindful reflexology I practice as a therapist.

Every component of our body is reflected in our feet via the nerve endings. Applying the appropriate pressure on these reflex zones allows us to embrace what our body is expressing, to rebalance it and to put it back into motion by removing blockages.

I stimulate this self-regulation and self-healing capacity of the body through a precise touch in a state of unfiltered immediacy. Without distance, without judgement, without distraction, I mindfully leverage the combination of touch and speech, which gives access to both the body and the soul by working with the energy of the being.

I dedicate my hands and ears to your well-being through:

Individual reflexology sessions

1h-session at the practice

group training

weekly 2h30-session 8 weeks in a row + 1 day in silence

Conferences and workshops

in-person and remote propositions currently in the making

What does a typical individual session look like?

I support young people and adults, men and women, on their life journey. They are looking to improve their health and well-being, one small step at a time, and sensitive to the treasure hidden in deceleration.

They feel pain in their heart, head or/and body and embrace with courage their desire to change this reality by building a no-quick-fix solution with a trusted therapist.

All the individual face-to-face sessions I offer are structured as follows:


I welcome you at the practice

You take place on a mattress on the floor (not on a massage table) to ease you into a state of relaxation and letting go, without music in the background in order for you to reconnect with yourself quietly.
Technical touch

I manipulate your feet and calves

We explore the resonance of your body with the treatment, for which I use whipped shea butter. This phase is an exchange, an investigation or rather a dance for a duo, waltzing from my touch to your sensations, from my feelings to your emotions, and back again.
Technical touch
Speaking & Listening

We dialogue

Speech can emerge in words or sentences. Depending on the areas affected, you may feel the need or desire to express yourself. I welcome what you share.
Speaking & Listening

You let your body process the benefits

The final part of the treatment is slow and gentle to give your body the time to integrate what has happened during the treatment.

How I leverage my combined expertise to listen to the body
while touching the soul:

Non-judgemental listening

Sincere and delicate listening

We leave no written record of the joint non-judgemental investigation we run, which gives a meaning to each individual story.

Welcoming of words

Liberating speech

We encourage the release of words just as they come from within you in French, Spanish or English.

Gentle touch

Technical touch

I gently touch your feet and calves, while speaking -or in silence if you prefer-, and feel how your body reacts.



What we share strictly stays between us, within the therapist-patient trust relationship we create and commit to.

Respected pace


You dedicate precious time to yourself. I respect the rhythm of each individual journey and highly value deceleration.


Professionnal training

I am trained in the Instant T method by Gwenn Libouban and Paolo Malvarosa and committed to a practice enriched by continuous training.

Lives and lines in motion

Camille Chevenoy Perrin

Mindful reflexology therapist

After working for almost fifteen years in the banking world and giving birth to three children, I decided to slow down, [re]connect with myself and find myself back by listening to whole myself. My vocation appeared clearly: I felt the call to help people feel better.

Rather introverted and discreet by nature, I instinctively headed towards two professions in which the use of speech is limited, but important and impactful if it is precise and benevolent: mindfulness meditation and foot reflexology. The two complemented each other well in my opinion: one with the mind, the other with the body, both allowing the development of intuition and contact with energy to do good. 

The world I discovered then was a comprehensive ecosystem where everything was potential, where touch and speech each had their pace and their place.

Today, I feel blessed to dedicate my professional life to helping young people and adults to improve their general health, mental as well as physical, in prevention or therapy, in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) or in Pointe Noire (Congo).

My professional training

Reflexology Therapist trained by Gwenn Libouban, mothod Instant T
Certified Mindfulness Instructor I.M.A. Berlin + annual silence retreat + conscious dialogue and compassion training
ESCP - Certified Fintech Course
Master 2 - I.A.E. Toulouse - Bank Marketing and financial services
CESI - Centre d’Etudes Supérieures Industrielles Formation + projet en Argentine
IPAG - Ecole Supérieure de Commerce. www.ipag.fr, international curriculum

My professional drive



To live in a world where the touch suggests words to the voice and where words contribute to healing.

Non-medical and non-invasive solutions can be leveraged to effectively take care of every human being, both preventively and curatively.



Convinced that the combination of touch and speech is powerfully healing and democratic, I help each person who come to me to [re]connect with their body, to move forward on their path of individuation, to discover their deep essence and to feel better in their daily life.



To enable every individual open to the idea, to experience that there is a world of opportunities and solutions for him in the matter, triggered by deceleration and revealed in a respectful and gentle way.

My core guiding values


of judgement









Welcome to my therapeutic world

Contact details

Consultation hours

from 7.30am to 12pm

from 7.30am to 12pm & from 2.30pm to 5pm

from 7.30am to 12pm

from 7.30am to 12pm & from 2.30pm to 5pm

from 7.30am to 12pm & from 4.30pm to 5pm



Every individual reflexotherapy session costs:

 45 000 XOF/XAF in Congo or Ivory Coast, 90€ in France. 


The MBSR cycle costs 300 000 XOF/XAF (450€). The dates of the training are available upon request.

Payment methods

Sessions can be paid :
  • by bank transfer before the session
  • cash at the practice at the end of the session
Gift cards are available upon request.

Cancellation policy

Sessions that are scheduled but cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment time are due and billed, except in cases of force majeure.

Questions and definitions

I guide every client on his or her individuation pathway. It is therefore impossible for me to predict the length of such an individual journey towards well-being. However, I usually recommend at least 3 sessions.

I help individuals to free themselves from their barriers, to look deep within themselves and to set themselves in motion by exploring their life stories.

Every journey has its own pace. I believe in the virtue of the deceleration.

If I can predict that no one is ready to come back to the practice two or three days after a session, I cannot predict whether someone will return after a week or three.

However, I notice that the first few sessions are typically closer from one another (about one week) than the following ones (between two and five weeks).

In-between sessions, it is desirable to welcome pleasant or unpleasant events and feelings in the present, as they pop. Our goal is to work together on these feelings during the sessions in order to build bridges.

Proper hydration is also important in order for the toxins moved during the treatment, to leave the body.

My profession consists in listening to my clients if they wish to express themselves. Otherwise, I focus on listening to their bodies’ reactions (feet and calves) when touched by my fingers. This cannot be done remotely.

I will soon be offering online workshops and conferences in addition to the sessions I offer at the practice.

Mindfulness meditation is an awareness of the moment that consists in being attentive to what is happening in the present moment, in and around oneself, without filter, without distance, without judgement, without reaction.

It is a way of being in the world without being absent, perfectly attentive to every single movement, whether the moment is pleasant or unpleasant, in full awareness that what is there is there.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an 8-week protocol to experience mindfulness meditation. It targets stress-reduction through the practice of mindfulness meditation.

This protocol allows to develop an adapted response (instead of an automatic one), to life’s events, to better understand one’s body and one’s emotions while being kind to oneself.

Homeostasis is the body’s natural ability to self-regulate.

Everyone can give their own definition of what energy is.

According to me, it stands for what the body is capable of creating in order to function, to exist. According to the dictionary, it is the physical power of someone, which allows him to act and react.

An emotion is a mental or bodily movement towards the outside, which can be either welcomed and respected or, on the contrary, hidden, camouflaged or hindered.