Why reflexology?

After 10 years in the bank, my mindfulness meditation instructor certification in my pocket, I could have gone on yoga training, on aromatherapy, on naturopathy...

Yes that's true, why therapeutic foot reflexology?

First the luck of having known a period of fertile emptiness, during which I was able to let things settle down, see what I had in me, begin to perceive who I was, or at least what I needed.

Then a friend put me on the path, with an address La ferme du vent in Cancale to receive treatment from Gwenn Libouban. A whole experience. His ability to be in contact with the other, to perceive by touch the areas of our body that are not balanced is quite impressive.

Then things just happened naturally. Fueled by my curiosity, I read his book “Man is a walking tree” everything spoke to me in this book. I wanted to understand how this was possible, how it worked!

I participated the initiations in reflexotherapy proposed by Gwenn Libouban et Paolo Malvarosa, then I could experiment!

Experience the strength of touch, the power of speech, the foundation that the group can provide and the confidence in these two outstanding trainers and professionals. I then followed their 3-year training at l’Arbre qui marche .

This training allowed me to discover my touch, to work on my being a therapist to best support patients.

Learn to have a correct listening, a fair posture, decode the rhythm that the patient needs, let the patient be an actor of his well-being while sharing with him what the therapist perceives and feels.

Reflexotherapy is a demanding practice, like many others.

I like the distance between the bodies. Only the touch of the feet gives a doorway to the other, to his body, to his story, to his soul.

Reading the sensations felt during the session makes it possible to meet the other. The game of going back and forth between the patient and the therapist makes it possible to carry out an investigation together to see where the body and the word lead them, what the body needs to say, to let go…

Touch alone, or speech alone do not allow us to go to the depths of being. The association Toucher & Parole gives all its value to reflexotherapy.

“What is not expressed is printed”

It is therefore for all these reasons that I chose this practice, a human encounter, a deep and authentic practice.

“There is an admirable energy in the stubbornness of gentleness”

Camille Chenevoy Perrin

Camille Chenevoy Perrin

Mindful reflexology therapist in Abidjan and Pointe Noire

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